Anonymous: Hi, my favorite slash fics are from Glee, specifically Brittana. Favorite Fics include The Knife Thrower's Daughter by themostrandomfandom, Set the World on Fire by Cora709, White Shadows by Good Afternoon, Heartwood by jerzeyredhead, and any story by Lingering Lilies or 0atis. Good luck with your thesis :)

Thanks, anon! Peeps, keep sending me suggestions! I’m probably going in a mostly Kirk/Spock direction but any and all slash will do!

Hello friends, followers, countrymen:

I’m beginning the long and dangerous trek towards my undergraduate honors thesis. Because I tend to give no shits about academic standards, I’m writing my thesis on slash fic.

If you have any favorite fics (esp. ones from big, famous works like Star Trek, LoTR, etc.), please send them my way. Anything and everything will be appreciated.

Also if you have any favorite writers of slash fic, I’d love to hear about them as well.


I wish you were my leg,
so that I could cut you off,
a clean and simple solution
for the you-caused pain
that’s been festering all over
my feeling parts.
I wish it was as easy as
flesh and bone.

But when you add blood to the mix,
and inside jokes,
and a series of holiday memories,
I find I can no longer 

How can you cause me
so much pain? How can you
rattle my windows
and pull my hair
from so far away,
from way, way inside yourself
like that?