I hope you’re somewhere safe.

I hope you’re in your friend’s basement, playing video games and eating pizza and getting tiny twinges of guilt whenever you remember your family. I hope you’re hunkered down with your ex, or on a bus to visit the one that got away. I hope you’re at a park, or at the store, surrounded by the losers you hang out with for some reason. I hope you’re hiking, hating us, cursing our names, thinking about calling someone but scared to turn your phone on. I hope you’re angry, furious, but far away from roads and dirty alleys and any people we don’t know of who might want to hurt you.

I don’t care if you come home. Just stay in one piece.

usually i’m like ‘some heteronormativity is ok because hetero is kinda the norm’ but today literally every person i encountered was queer so i guess i need to go home and rethink my life